Multi–Purpose Spaghetti Sauce

Popular Redpack Multi-Purpose Spaghetti Sauce will please you with its traditional Italian flavors, yet surprise you with a touch of cracked black pepper for a savory note. Enjoy as-is over pasta, dress meatball subs or use as a dipping sauce. Great "cling-ability."

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NET WT. 106 OZ. (6 LBS. 10 OZ.) 3.01kg

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Kosher (OU), Zero Trans Fat, Gluten-Free, Contains No Allergens, Made in the USA

Basil Spaghetti Sauce
Redpack® Spaghetti Sauce + Fresh-torn Basil

Try your new Basil Spaghetti Sauce:
• As a dipping sauce for cheese-filled breadsticks
• With grilled chicken breast over your favorite pasta
• Over spaghetti and grilled Italian sausages
• As a quick dip option for fried chicken tenders

Meatball Sauce
Redpack® Spaghetti Sauce + Grilled Onions

Try your new Meatball Sauce:
• To add variety to your meatball sub sandwich sauce
• As a new sauce base for deep-dish pizza
• Served over spaghetti or any favorite pasta
• Added as a soup base for an Italian-style soup
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