Sliced Stewed Tomatoes in Juice

Redpack Sliced Stewed Tomatoes in Juice are unique, pinwheel-cut tomato slices blended in juice with bits of onion, celery, bell pepper and seasonings. This is a versatile product perfect as-is or as a “starter base” for quick-mix, minimal skill recipe applications such as stew, chili, hearty soup, spaghetti sauce and dipping salsa. Excellent, vine-ripened tomato flavor and rich, overall red color is guaranteed in our premium, ready-prepared Stewed Tomatoes.

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NET WT. 102 OZ. (6 LBS. 6 OZ.) 2.89kg

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Kosher (OU), Zero Trans Fat, Gluten-Free, Contains No Allergens, Made in the USA

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